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Amalgams or dark fillings have been in use for many years. According to some data, they are used by over 75% of dentists. Amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury, which can have a number of negative effects on the health. So there are plenty of good reasons to replace these harmful and unaesthetic fillings. At the Medical Dentistry clinic, we use methods for professional, safe removal of amalgam fillings with mercury content, thus eliminating their negative impact on your body.

Medical data shows:
  • that amalgam is by far the largest source of mercury in the body;
  • that people with amalgam fillings have a considerable higher level of mercury in their bodies;
  • that some individuals have toxic concentrations of mercury in the brain and kidneys;
  • that there is a connection with mercury content in the blood, urine and tissues in the body.
  • that mercury can remain in the brain from several years to several decades, which means that mercury levels in the tissues gradually increase until they reach toxic concentrations;
  • that mercury is 10 times more toxic than lead when it comes to nerve cells. On top of that, mercury has a synergistic effect with other metals.

“In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the use of amalgams in dentistry has been banned since 2008!”

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