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dr. Sebastjan Perko, dr. dent. med.

“During my postgraduate studies, I travelled over a large part of the world, from Washington to the island of Jeju in South Korea.”

Discovering other cultures and actively participating in conferences has given me in-depth insight into science and the different ways of thinking outside our borders. I used the experience in my doctoral thesis at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School, where I spent four and a half years studying materials used in dentistry. During my time there, I solved a number of puzzles and came across several new questions that will improve the understanding of dentistry materials in the future. The things I have seen and experienced are priceless and serve as the best possible upgrade of my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. During my postgraduate studies, I expanded my knowledge at Dentalstudio, a private clinic in Ljubljana. Backed with extensive experience, Dr. Matej Pirtovšek and I founded the Medical Dentistry clinic in 2013. Health is extremely important to me; it is the vision that guides me in developing the comprehensive dental services provided at the clinic. Our philosophy includes helping people to shed their fear of the dentist to the extent that a visit to our clinic becomes a pleasant experience.
The abstracts of scientific articles published by Dr. Sebastjan Perko in scientific journals as part of his postgraduate research work are available here:

Matej Pirtovšek, dr. dent. med.

“I look forward to Mondays and the first day after a holiday. Medical Dentistry isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.”

Having finished high school, it was time to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. It is important to mention that I had two great role models, my aunt and uncle, both dentists by profession. I had always been interested in their work. I had also long felt the need to help people, but at the same time I was bursting with creative spirit. I enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, the Stomatology study programme. After completing my internship and alternative civilian service, I immediately joined the private sector. I simply never believed that working in a public institution or a dental clinic with a concession would enable me to grow and develop the way I wanted to. Working at the Babit dental centre for 12 years, I was able to acquire plenty of experience and take advantage of opportunities for training in areas not included in my undergraduate studies. Patient management, psychology, marketing, communication and clinic management were the main topics that motivated and drove me. I regularly attended seminars on these subjects in London and the US. Over the last 10 years, I have invested over 10,000 hours in acquiring additional, non-clinical knowledge.

Having frequently exchanged ideas with Dr. Sebastjan Perko, we reached the conclusion that together we can achieve something that we would never be able to achieve alone: we can establish a dental clinic with a comprehensive approach to patients and with a special focus on periodontal tissue health. Thus the Medical Dentistry clinic was born. Even before founding the clinic, I realised something very important – the missing link between what patients need and what they want. Communication and a good relationship with patients are of the essence. At the Medical Dentistry clinic, we have created a space where modern dentistry, a new philosophy of medical care and genuine relationships between the staff and patients meet. A space where we start by listening to what patients want before advising them on what they need.


Simon Bele, dr. dent. med.

Medical Dentistry pushes the boundaries of dentistry.”

Even as I child, I showed signs of becoming a dentist, drilling quite a few holes into the walls of my grandparents’ house in Straža near Novo mesto – to my grandfather’s delight, I’m sure. That was my first drilling experience. But of course I didn’t fill the holes, as I didn’t learn that until much later. Since my father works in construction and I’ve always been interested in buildings of all kinds, I thought about becoming an architect when I was in primary school. But in high school, Džuro – an unusual biker with a licence to drill – drove into my life. It was thanks to him that I started to think about becoming a dentist.

And so I enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, the Stomatology study programme. As a young dentist seven years later, I was employed at the Novo mesto Health Care Centre, but despite my knowledge and dedication I didn’t enjoy the work, because I had to tell my patients “no” too often. I soon opened my own private clinic.
At a seminar a few years later, I bumped into Sebastjan Perko, a fellow student from the faculty. The accidental meeting gave rise to the idea to expand the Medical Dentistry concept to the Dolenjska region. There was no doubt about where my career would go next, as Medical Dentistry is a team of fantastic people, experts who love their work – better yet, their mission in life. This is the true dentistry that I’d been trying to find for eight years. I recommend Medical Dentistry to people who care about their health and want a professional, friendly and technologically advanced approach. Medical Dentistry pushes the boundaries of dentistry. Since 1 October 2015, you can find us in Novo mesto as well. Now I’m really enjoying my profession to the fullest!

Jure Gačnik, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Specialist in Oral Surgery

"I like doing my work and I am always trying to improve."

My interest in science had been sparked even before I was truly aware of myself. I grew up in a family with three children, where father and mother had to provide for almost everything. My mother introduced me to computing while my father gave me technical knowledge in different fields. Among others, he sparked my interest in oral surgery.

After graduating from dental medicine, I immediately started working as a dentist at the clinical ward for maxillofacial and oral surgery, where I begun my specialisation a year after. The specialisation taught me that in healthcare, 'black and white' decisions are an exception rather than a rule, and that surgery will teach you humility again and again. I like doing my work and I am constantly trying to improve.

When I received an invitation to work with Dr Perko and Dr Pirtovšek, I was very happy because they were my fellow students, so I have professional trust in the Oral Medicine clinic. When I met the other members of the team, I realised that I am a part of a story of success.

Marko Berkopec, Doctor of Dental Medicine

"Surrounded with like-minded people, I can finally achieve my professional ambitions and offer my patients a comprehensive care at the highest level."

I spent my childhood in a pleasant environment of Vavta vas by the Krka river. I was interested in technology, plane model building and music already as a child. I demonstrated my manual skills by playing classical guitar and later baritone. After graduating from high school in Novo mesto I decided to enrol in the Faculty of Medicine, Dental Medicine section. I successfully completed my studies in 2007. After completing the internship and passing the professional exam, I became employed at the Ljubljana - Bežigrad health centre, where I was the head of the adult dentistry department for a while. I was also a regular member of professional commissions. I continuously strove for progress and development. I regularly attended seminars, congresses and expert workshops in Slovenia and abroad. In the framework of public dentistry, however, I could not offer my patients everything available in contemporary stomatology.

I was happy to accept the invitation of Dr Perko and Dr Bele and began my cooperation with the Medical Dentistry team in May 2016. In this pleasant environment, surrounded with like-minded people, I can finally achieve my professional ambitions and offer my patients a comprehensive care at the highest level.

Urban Zupanc, Doctor of Dental Medicine

"A smile and satisfaction of a patient is what matters most."

My motivation for dentistry does not come from my family but from the dentist who, in the fourth grade of elementary school, fixed my two chipped front teeth and brought back my lovely smile. The interest he stirred in me was so strong that my career path was set already after the elementary school, when I enrolled in the Secondary School for Dental Technicians in Ljubljana. I continued my education at the Faculty of Medicine, where I could combine work with people, sense of aesthetics and manual skills in my dream job - a dentist.

Already during my studies, my curiosity to learn about that "something more" and the desire for new knowledge took me to advanced education courses and congresses, which I continue to visit today, thus following modern trends in dentistry. I am particularly interested in dental prosthetics and the related digitalisation in dentistry. In the last year of my studies I also received the Prešeren Prize of the Faculty of Medicine for my achievements.

I began my career by working in several surgeries between Ljubljana and Novo mesto. My wish to establish a comprehensive and personal relationship with patients, to be in touch with the latest technologies and materials in the market, and to work in a team of excellent dentists made me take a step forward. I decided to join the collective of the Medical Dentistry clinic because working in their midst brings me daily challenges and fulfilment as a therapist.

Dejan Pirtovšek, dr. dent. med.

“I’m happy to follow my mission!”

Even in primary school, my favourite subject was maths, together with physics and biology in high school. I continued my education at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, where I completed my journey in 2001. During my internship, I encountered real orthodontics – planning teleroentgenograms, the biomechanics of aligning teeth and the ideal bite and teeth alignment. It was a new dimension. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I got the opportunity to specialise in orthodontics. I grabbed it and continued my education. Three years passed quickly, and my love for orthodontics grew into a wonderful profession. I gained new knowledge, and the digitisation of diagnostics aids and computer-supported planning have improved and facilitated the possibility of achieving ideal functional and aesthetic results.

However, it is still not possible to achieve the ideal, optimal biological balance of teeth, the smile and the periodontal tissues without cooperating with other branches of dental medicine, particularly when treating adult patients. Dentists Dr. Matej Pirtovšek and Dr. Sebastjan Perko invited me to join not just our forces but our knowledge, success and energy in order to give Medical Dentistry patients access to perfect oral health and a perfect functional and aesthetic smile that will improve the quality of their social life and give them long-lasting satisfaction.

Bojan Vindiš, Doctor of Dental Medicine

"I strive to find challenge and joy in what I do, and I like working in a perspective and quality team."

My interest in the functioning of a human body goes way back to my early childhood when I tirelessly read all popular science magazines and encyclopaedias I could lay my hands on. The first serious chapter in this exploration began when I enrolled in science-oriented Second High School in Maribor, and continued at the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana.

During my studies, I actively participated in different projects of the local dental medicine student society and represented Slovenia at meetings of European and global dental medicine student society abroad. In the context of my student research work at the Centre of Oral Diseases and Periodontology, I completed a research on the mechanism of occurrence of periodontal disease and received the Prešeren Award of the Faculty of Medicine. The findings of the research work were presented at Periodontology Days, in Zobozdravstveni vestnik and the most important international magazine on periodontology.

I completed my studies with the highest average grade and received the Oražem Prize for the best graduate at the Dental Medicine section. My first employment was at the Ljubljana Health Centre, where I was the head of the adult dentistry department and a member of the expert council for three years. After five years in public healthcare I took a step forward.

I joined the Medical Dentistry team because I strive to find challenge and joy in what I do, and I like working in a perspective and quality team. My long-term interest in traditional and complementary medicine, especially Ayurveda and yogic science, inspired me to advance my knowledge in this field, too.

Erika-Maja Rajer, assistant

“Our relationships with people are built based on trust in the whole team. It is a daily source of happiness to be in contact with them.”

I moved to Ljubljana as a teenager to study dental technology at the Secondary School of Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics and Health Care. After finishing school, I held a variety of jobs, since I couldn’t find employment in my own profession. I also had a beautiful daughter who is now 6 years old. In 2014, I got the opportunity to work as a dental assistant at the Medical Dentistry clinic and I was delighted to take it. At the Medical Dentistry clinic, I am a part of a highly motivated team of experts, who add to my knowledge from day to day. Our relationships with people are built based on trust in the whole team. It is a daily source of happiness to be in contact with them.

Urša Ribič, Assistant

"I am looking forward to new challenges brought by Medical Dentistry."

I was born in a wonderful village called Valburga, which nobody can locate until I mention Lake Zbilje or at least a golf course. I made my first steps in health care ten years ago when I enrolled in the Secondary School for Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Health Care - dental technician programme. This programme seemed most appropriate because it combines health care with my biggest passion - art. Having graduated from the secondary school, I decided to advance my dental technician education, so I enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences where I studied laboratory dental prosthetics. The studies progressed, the years went by, I passed my exams, but I still did not know for sure what was missing (besides the diploma) to make me feel like a successful dental technician. This was contact, work and communication with people. This is largely missing in a dental laboratory environment, so I decided to try my hand as a dentist's assistant. When I first experienced this work, I knew that this was something that I really wanted to do.

I embraced the opportunity to work at Medical Dentistry with joy. Being the youngest in an already young collective, I was first a little worried about how things would go, but I soon realised that there was no reason for concern as they gave me a really warm welcome. They offer help whenever I need it. I love working as a dentist's assistant and learning new things from day to day. I am looking forward to new challenges brought by Medical Dentistry.

Jasmina Metelko, assistant

“Since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to the idea of being able to help someone who’s in need.”

I’ve been drawn to two things in life since I was a child: working with people and the idea of being able to help someone who’s in need. It is no surprise then that I enrolled in the Secondary Nursing and Chemistry School in Novo mesto after finishing primary school. After that, I didn’t continue my education in health care, but I did have a job where I was able to help people in a slightly different way.

After my maternal leave, I came back to health care, but this time I felt much better about it than I did as a teenager. As a dental assistant at a dental practice in Novo mesto, I was faced with a new challenge that I was more than happy to accept. My beginnings in dentistry seven years ago were very difficult and demanding. I came to a similarly demanding new beginning in my career last October when I joined the Medical Dentistry team. I had so many doubts when I changed jobs, but it turned out that I needn’t have worried. Everyone at Medical Dentistry was very welcoming and I have fantastic co-workers who are always prepared to help. And their help is more than welcome, since working at the clinic with all its modern technology is anything but simple. Working at Medical Dentistry enables me to expand my knowledge and gain valuable new experience, making me a better person from day to day. And most importantly: I still do my job with pleasure, since so many new and interesting things happen every day.

Maruša Perc, Assistant

"I enjoy the diversity and dynamism of this work."

I have mentioned several times that I find dynamism and diversity at work very important. Medical Dentistry will certainly never run out of it.
My belief that the replacement of assistant is highly complicated soon changed. The initial period in the replacement is not simple and if it was not so, I would get bored with it sooner or later. I am a person who likes new things although I sometimes tackle them with difficulty. This is precisely why Medical Dentistry gives me an opportunity for progress and personal growth. At first I was not very fond of the idea although I agreed to do it. I must admit, however, that the work soon fascinated me. I enjoy each and every procedure of the work and am looking forward to further learning and advancement. I do not worry to get bored with anything because Medical Dentistry tries to be the best and keeps up with innovations.

I decided to become a dental technician in the seventh year of elementary school. Manual skills, sense of aesthetics and precision are my virtues, while my enthusiasm for design grew from day to day. I pursued my goals and began working in a laboratory immediately after finishing school. After four years of making dental prosthetics, I got an opportunity to become employed at Medical Dentistry, this time as a dentist's assistant. My first days were still full of doubts. I wondered whether working as an assistant can make me happier than making dental prosthetics. It soon turned out that I enjoy the diversity and dynamism of this work. I am a beginner and I am well aware that there is still a lot to learn, but new challenges and experiences motivate and enrich me. I learn about and perform tasks that are a pre-condition for making prosthetics, which means that I must be familiar with the full process as well as individual phases of work at Medical Dentistry.

Top-class knowledge, professionally performed work and positive energy of the whole collective at Medical Dentistry are of key importance.  It is a pleasure to work in such an environment and I am honoured to be a part of the team.

Bernarda Novak, Assistant

"I finally do a job I enjoy, learn more every day and meet with new challenges."

I discovered my interest in working with people very early, about ten years ago, when I got my first student job. After finishing education in economy and later cosmetics I finally followed my true path. I felt a strong desire to work in dentistry.

I will never forget the day when I first entered the premises of Medical Dentistry. I was impressed and charmed by the ambient, energy and welcome expressed by the collective. Deep inside me I hoped that I will begin to write a new chapter in the story of my life at the Medical Dentistry clinic. I have, namely, always wanted to work in an orderly and pleasant environment ruled by positive energy and patient satisfaction. I like the combination of manual skills, administration and teamwork. I am aware that an assistant is the first contact in communication with patients, which makes inclination to work with people very important in such position. Such inclination is demonstrated by a kind word, smile and warm welcome.

I finally do a job I enjoy, learn more every day and meet with new challenges. I meet new people on a daily basis and the concern for their well-being and mutually demonstrated trust is what makes me happy.

I am proud to be a part of an expert team in dentistry, from whom I get priceless knowledge that is an excellent asset in my life.

Tina Begič, Assistant

"I make sure that you feel maximally pleasant and safe on the dentist's chair."

Medical Dentistry is distinguished by its vibrancy and fact that not two days are the same. Each day brings many new opportunities. We meet new customers, advance our knowledge and work on ourselves. Both in terms of our personality and of our career.

I attended Secondary School of Healthcare in Jesenice, where I am now finishing studies at the  Nursing Care College. It was always my dream to be a paramedic. Although the life circumstances as well as my wishes are now slightly different, I still try to pursue this mission in a way. I am by your side when you are in pain, when you are afraid and when you are happy because you only come for a control check. I make sure that you feel maximally pleasant and safe on the dentist's chair.

I love working with people, so I am grateful to be a part of Medical Dentistry where even the worst day is still good.

Sanja Klepić, Assistant

"I am very happy to be a part of the Medical Dentistry team. Each day is a positive challenge."

As a child, I spent a lot of time at a hospital where the staff would always do their best to make me feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The relationship I established with the hospital staff made me realise, even before I started elementary school, that I wanted to be in a profession that would bring me in touch with people. A profession where I can help others, if only by a warm word and sincere smile. I made my wish come true and successfully completed the Secondary School of Nursing in Ljubljana. Afterwards I gained experience as a nurse in different wards. After my daughter was born, however, I realised that I wanted new challenges. I still wanted to help others, but did not know how and where.
At the interview for a job of an assistant at Medical Dentistry I felt that this is what I was looking for. The work is completely different than my first job. It continues to be dynamic, interesting and full of daily challenges. I feel good at Medical Dentistry because the atmosphere is pleasant and everybody is so creative and hard-working. The greatest sense of fulfilment and motivation, however, comes from satisfied patients with sincere smiles.