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Teeth Grinding

A misaligned bite is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

It has been proven that one out of three patients clenches his or her teeth at night. A misaligned bite, teeth clenching and grinding means that there is a serious lack of coordination between the muscles, jaw joint and teeth. These problems usually surface in the form of signs discovered by the dentist rather than symptoms a patient could identify on his or her own. If asked whether they clench their teeth at night, most people will reply, “Of course not.” The reason why most people have two different bites is in the fact that misaligned points on the teeth prevent the maximum contact of all teeth with the correct positioning of the jaw joint. If you feel that your bite is changing, we recommend a detailed bite analysis that will allay your fears or provide information for treatment.

There are three causes of tooth loss:

  • Tooth decay – caries;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Injuries.

Ignoring injuries sustained in sports, fights and accidents, it is your bite that slowly but surely destroys your teeth.

Perfect oral health can be established only once we have identified and remedied every problem affecting the balance. Patients are usually not even aware of the processes that are causing them discomfort. It is the task of a dentist or physician not just to explain and eliminate the cause of the symptoms (the discomfort you feel) but mainly to discover the signs of disease you haven’t even noticed, thus preventing the occurrence of further symptoms.

There are more symptoms that are hard to identify in the functional field of oral health than in any other field. Because we believe in comprehensive dental care, at the Medical Dentistry clinic we help patients to achieve healthy gums and a healthy oral mucosa, firm teeth, a beautiful smile and a functionally stable bite. A stable bite means that there is correct and even pressure on the teeth and they are working harmoniously with the jaw muscles and joints. When this is not the case, the condition is known as malocclusion.

Bite analysis is used to determine how much, where and, most importantly, why you are not reaching this medical ideal. Excessive tooth wear, broken and damaged dental surfaces and sensitivity of the mastication muscles and the jaw joint are indicators of a misaligned bite. When planning the dental treatment, it is essential to identify this problem and eliminate it before delivering final solutions to the patient.

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